Witch Crossword

Another free crossword puzzle game to test your word knowledge. This time you need to find the correct synonyms for witch, as in hag, crone, and old lady. If you love crossword puzzles and word games like word search, hangman, or codeword then you will love this challenging new vocabulary game. Word Cross is a classic word-based puzzle game in which the player has to uncover hidden words by traversing across the grid of letter tiles. Each tile contains one letter of an uncovered word. By combining letters from different tiles, players can uncover more words and hence complete the

Welcome to the Witch Crossword game! Train your brain and test your logic skills with this brand new witch-themed crossword puzzle game. Witches, cauldrons, black cats and broomsticks - you know all the things we associate with witches. Arrange the letters of the words to solve this tricky witch crossword puzzle and improve your vocabulary in the process. Test yourself and see how many puzzles you can solve in five minutes. Happy

Are you a word-wizard who is also into Harry Potter and are looking for a new challenging game? Then this brand new HTML5 crossword puzzle game is just what you need! Download now and test your vocabulary knowledge while having fun with witches, wizards, spells, magical potions, flying books and

Are you a fan of witch-themed video games? Do you like crossword puzzles? If so, then you’ll love this free interactive HTML5 Witch Crossword! This fun and challenging game will test your knowledge on witches. Let’s see how many words you can solve in this witchy crossword

Are you fond of crossword games? Then this game is for you! In this game, your primary task is to find out the right answers to help you beat the level and advance further. Sounds simple? It won’t be so easy as it

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