When you think of a board game, most likely you will only think of games that involve strategy and planning. Games like Uno, Scrabble, and even Monopoly are some of the more traditional games that come to mind. While these games are great for family get-togethers or for those who want to simply relax with friends, there is still a lot to discover about the world of board games. The word ‘board’ in this context refers to the surface upon which the game is played. Generally speaking, there are two different types of board games: digital and analog (also called pen and paper). Most digital board games allow players to play against each other online as opposed to offline. However, many classic board games have been digitally adapted so that they may be enjoyed by people no matter where they are in the world or what time it is because they don’t need access to an actual physical playing space in order to enjoy them. In this article, we will explore five classic analog board games that every connoisseur should know about as well as provide some tips on how to play Dordle.

The game of chess is one of the oldest and most popular board games known to man. Even in today’s world, it is played all over the world by people of every age and profession. It is also one of the few games that have been played at royal courts as well as in prisons. The game’s history traces back to ancient India where it was first invented by Emperor Pachisi. Indian storytellers eventually passed down chess from generation to generation until it was adopted as an official part of the modern Olympics in 1886. Cheating at Chess Cheating has always been a part of board games such as chess, scrabble, monopoly, etc... Over the years, many cheaters have appeared on the scene and some have become famous for their ability to take advantage of these games with techniques so clever that they are almost impossible for an opponent to uncover. Here we list down some of the most brilliant cheaters who successfully cheated their way through chess games without getting hints.

Put your logic and reasoning skills to the test with this unique brain teaser game. Your goal is to make connections between pairs of images that are presented on the screen. In order to keep things interesting, new images will replace old ones at certain intervals. It’s a great way to train your visual memory and improve your pattern recognition abilities! The first few levels will be fairly easy, but as you progress - and our collection of pictures becomes more difficult - it will get harder and harder to see where you are going wrong until finally, you realize what it is that has stumped you all along. There are 60 levels in total for you to play through so make sure you finish this one before moving on to the next one! Put your logical thinking cap on, and extend your vocabulary.

Games have a way of bringing out our competitive side. Whether it is in sports, gaming, or other activities, we all have that desire to beat others at whatever it may be. Playing games against a human opponent can often lead to arguments over who plays best and why. But what if you had someone to play against who simply can’t argue back? That would be playing games with your pet! And not just any games, but strategic ones! While there are many similar games available for both humans and pets alike, some take advantage of the specific nature of each animal. Games that require cunningness and foresight in order to win. Here are the top 10 dog games for you and your furry friend to play.

Last year, the board game Clue originated in America and went viral on social media as a result. The number of Clues that are added to the game escalates as players are invited to join the new edition and help solve the mysteries of who is being murdered and how they got to be in such a dire state. This year, Dordle, an up-and-coming real estate company, has been tapped by Wilson's for the honor of designing and manufacturing the new set of Clues. Read on to know more about Dordle’s design strategy for this edition and what makes it different from other word puzzle games. What do you waiting for? Start playing this game now!

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