Type Or Die

This is a text-based race game with 3D graphics and a high degree of difficulty. You have to type as many words as you can see in the limited time of each level. The words are hidden behind different objects, such as cars, trees, or houses, and you have to find them before time runs out. You will not only need to find the words but also their meaning and spelling. There are no penalties for wrong answers so it’s important that you pay attention to all the details. There is an option to play in single-player mode against the computer or in two-player mode by connecting directly with your friend who also has this game installed on his mobile.

Word type or die is a fast paced, high-pressure word puzzle game. Race against the clock as you rapidly explore and solve words, but beware… one wrong letter, and you’re dead! Word Type or Die features simple controls, dynamic gameplay and challenging puzzles for players of all skill levels. Addictive word puzzles, frantic speed rounds and a sinister threat of instant death make Word Type or Die an utterly unique experience. If you like word games, you’ll love this game.

See how fast you can type and test your knowledge with Word Race VR. This is a fast-paced word racing game that will test your typing speed, vocabulary and general knowledge of words. You are given 10 seconds to type a word in the correct blank space on the screen. There are three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. Each time you beat the current difficulty level, you unlock the next level until you reach master. How many words can you guess?

Type or Die is a mobile game that combines fast-paced word recognition and typing skills with challenging gameplay and retro aesthetics. Players are given five seconds to identify a word, then must type it as quickly as possible to continue playing. Get caught not identifying or typing a given word three times, and you’re dead -- or rather, defeated!

An explosion of word-ripping, mind-twisting puzzles! This is the ultimate mashup of word games, combining all your favorite typing challenges in one explosive experience. Are you ready to see how fast and furiously you can type? Then type fast and furious and reach as high as you can!

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