Matching Puzzle Temple

The Forest Temple is the second temple and it is unlocked in the Main Quest of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This puzzle temple is located south of Central Hyrule and west of Lake Akkala. Inside, you will find a strange machine, which Link must put together to clear this temple and move on. To start, you need to get to the heart chamber with a snow peak summit permit or climbing boots. You can also climb up using vines. There are two ways to do so; an easier one that takes longer but does not require any additional gadgets or items and another that requires more climbing time but has fewer obstacles involved. Once you are inside the heart chamber, make your way north into the tunnel that leads to this temple from Hyrule Castle Town (East Road). As soon as you enter the tunnel, look for a switch on your right-hand side that opens a locked door. Go through that door and climb up some ladders until you reach the next set of ladders at the end of the hallway. Climb those ladders until you reach another locked door - go through it to enter this puzzle.

Puzzle games are getting more and more popular lately. If you like these kinds of games, then we have the perfect one for you! This is a simple matching game with a beautiful 3D forest background. It will test your memory and perception skills; let's see if you can finish it in one go! The objective of this game is to match 3 colors together similar to other puzzle games. There are some special blocks that you need to combine with the same color. They will be replaced once they’re matched successfully. To play this game, simply drag the pieces around until they match up! If a piece is already paired up with another, it won’t be moved again. You only have 10 seconds per level so make sure you don’t waste any time repeating levels over and over again! Once you complete the level, you will be rewarded with gold coins which can then be used to unlock new levels. Sounds easy right? Let's start playing.

This is the Temple of Matching Puzzle. You have to match 3 or more same tiles to remove them from the board. If a tile is not matched then it will be replaced by another similar tile in the next round. Play through 20 challenging levels and try to achieve a 100% solution. There are many different ways you can clear all the matching puzzles except one which is a single left tile. On some levels, it may happen that you can match only two or three tiles if you have left a single wrong tile. This is because there are only a few left tiles on each level and those are hidden very well. It’s impossible by yourself but with our super-simple step-by-step solution tutorial, anyone can figure out how to accomplish this level! Keep reading, we’ll demonstrate everything for you.

You are a novice in the field of puzzle games. Try to understand the logic and matching skills before solving this puzzle temple. This is the seventh installment of our series of Temple Matching Games, each game has progressively become more challenging! The new puzzles come with brand new challenges and will have you guessing right up until the end. These temples are located deep in the forests of India where no one dares to venture for fear of ferocious animals. Make sure you use your logical thinking skills and start solving these Temple Puzzles.

Matching Puzzle Temple is an exciting brain game that you will love to play. Match the 3 or more same puzzle tiles to clear the level from the temple. Beware of traps! Easy right? But remember, there are many levels in this match puzzle temple game and it gets harder as you advance through them. So spend your time well, train your brain and have fun playing this challenging puzzle game.

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