Hex is a logic game where you have to use your logical skills to figure out how to remove the hexagonal blocks from the board by solving hexagonal bricks are arranged in a grid and you must move them so that they are all in one horizontal or vertical column. In addition, you must also ensure that no two of the blocks are adjacent to one another so that they do not merge into a single block when moved. Along with hexagonal blocks, you will also come across special hexagonal balls as well. You can use these balls to hit other blocks or reset them into their original position if they have been merged.

This one is a puzzle game that takes place in a world created from playing cards. It’s your job to help the King of Clubs stop the King of Spades from stealing the rest of the kings and taking over the world. As an agent in the Club that guards secrets, you must find ways to solve puzzles by using items, actions, or altering other cards in order to trap and defeat the King of Spades. Explore different worlds and locations with 60+ levels that require logic and problem solving as well as quick reaction times. Create word walls to help you out as you traverse through this gorgeous world imagined.

This one is a logic game. The goal of this game is to get the ball through the hexagonal grid by making groups of 3 or more same color balls. To make a group you must arrange at least 3 balls of the same color side by side. The more lines you cross and the groups you create, the higher your score will be. You have to complete 10 levels in this game, which will increase gradually and as soon as you finish one level, the new one will start So no need to worry about that!

This game is a casual logic puzzle game that challenges your problem-solving skills through a blend of simple and mind-bending gameplay. With its simple rules, beautiful pixel art, and relaxing soundtrack, Hex will take you on a journey across the countryside as you match hexagonal tiles to eliminate them from the board. The twist? You must do so without repeating any tiles or voids. Get ready to put your logical thinking out now.

This amazing game is a strategic puzzle game where you have to combine hexagonal blocks to create horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. The more lines you create the more points you'll earn. The game ends when no new moves can be created. So it's up to you how fast your reactions are and how good your spatial awareness is. If you like logic games, then this is definitely for you.

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