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In Pic Quiz, you and your friends will be shown a series of images that are slightly similar to one another. You'll have to figure out what the main similarities are and which things are different between them. If you're stuck, don't worry! There will be hints along the way in case you get stuck. There are many different modes you can play in this game: -Normal mode: This is just like a regular game of pic quiz, except with more difficulty levels! -Time attack: In this mode, you only have so much time to finish all the puzzles. The faster you finish it, the better your score is! -VS Computer mode: For this mode, we will let you know the answers once you've finished it if this game is played in pairs or single!

Everyone loves a good quiz! And you’ll love this one. Everyone’s favorite little blue chimp is back and he’s brought along some of his friends from the zoo. These hungry animals are hungry for knowledge, so feed them as many correct answers as you can before they get too full and fall asleep. Answer 12 questions correctly to move on to the next Be quick! There’s a time limit on each level. If you don’t know an answer, just guess. You can also peek at the answers after each round if you get stuck. 

Do you have what it takes to be a top-notch spy? Test your espionage skills with this exciting game of wits and knowledge. Each spy has their own specialty, but it is up to you to deduce their secret identity from the clues provided. Are you ready to put your spy skills to the test? 

Test your knowledge of famous paintings, sculptures, and other important artworks with these free art trivia quizzes. Each of the challenging questions is related to a specific piece of art. See how many you can get right and try to beat your score next time. Let’s play this game now!

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