Crossword meets Word Search and a bit of adventure as well as you find hidden words, solve clues and uncover the mystery.

Are you a whizz at word searches, an ace crossword solver, or a champion Scrabble player? Test your vocabulary with this fun and challenging word game. There’s a clue hidden in every grid, will you find them all and solve the cryptic clues? Play the classic puzzle board game where you need to find and connect words in the correct sequence. The catch? You can only use one vowel per word, no, aga, etc. How many points can you rack up before time runs out? You’ll improve your spelling skills as you go from easy (4 letters) to tough (11 letters) levels of

Crocword is a classic word puzzle game with a twist. Instead of squares, the board is shaped like a crocodile and you have to make words by connecting adjacent tiles that are not blocked by any other tiles. Making long words and using all available tiles is critical to success, but beware of double-letter tiles! Crocword has 100 exciting levels in 4 different difficulty levels. Have fun and enjoy this mind-boggling word game.

Crocword is a fun and challenging word game that will keep your mind sharp! The compassionate crocodile has lost his friends in the jungle and needs your help to find them. To do so, you need to solve tricky word puzzles by finding all the hidden words. Test your vocabulary skills and see how many words you can find before time runs out.

This crossword puzzle features words that begin with the letter C. If you love word games and crosswords, you’ll love this fun, challenging, and educational game! Great for any lover of words and puzzles.

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